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On the Chetco River: A Packrafting Adventure

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HMG Ambassador Mike Curiak’s passion is mountain biking. He’s hand built over 7,000 29″ wheels in the last decade. In that time he’s ridden over 40,000 trail miles on wheels he’s built for himself — racing along the spine of the continent, bashing and banging through the red rock desert, plus everywhere and everything in between: gravel, sand, and snow as well as miles and miles of twisty, turny, rooty, ledgy, carvy, hoppy and flowy singletrack. When he’s on the trail or in the backcountry, HMG’s lightweight gear helps him cover ground faster and with greater efficiency. Like many HMG gear users, Mike has expanded his backcountry adventures to include some of the other activities HMG loves — read on for Mike’s report on his recent packrafting trip on Oregon’s Chetco River . . . Continue reading

The History of Going Light

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The Philosophy of Going Light, Part I, is part of our Stripped Down Series. Now & Then Major changes have taken place in the world of backcountry travel in the last half century. Adventurers now rock climb 3,500-foot walls in

Stripped Down: What is Lightweight exactly?

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The Philosophy of Going Light By Mike St. Pierre, illustration by Steve Graepel The first few days Cheryl Strayed hiked the Pacific Crest Trail she could barely lift her pack. Most people reading this likely remember that feeling from early

Tasmania’s Overland Track with HMG Ambassador Forrest McCarthy

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HMG’s Ambassadors are the testers, critics and storytellers of our products. They put our gear through the paces in the worlds toughest playgrounds and give us critical feedback which helps us drive product development. They also help us spread the good word about HMG’s backpacks, tents/shelters and accessories — while regularly making us jealous of what they’re doing in the field. This past winter HMG Ambassador Forrest McCarthy traveled to Tasmania with his wife Amy McCarthy to take on the Overland Track — one of Tasmania’s premier hiking routes. Read on for the report . . . Continue reading

Putting up a new route in Alaska with HMG Ambassador Seth Timpano

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HMG Ambassador Seth Timpano is a world class mountaineer and guide. He has led him on climbing trips throughout the globe including: Antarctica, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Alaska, Canada, Spain, France, Italy, Thailand, Nepal and New Zealand. We recently found out that Seth took a pretty bad fall into a crevasse, 55 feet, but luckily walked away with it with minor injuries and a mild concussion. Seth told us the HMG pack he was wearing might have helped pad my fall — we’re not sure about that, but we psyched that Seth is fully recovered and planning some exciting new expeditions for this coming year. Read on for Seth’s report on a new route he and some friends put up in Alaska this summer. Awesome photos by Jared Vilhauer. Continue reading

Neon, Thru-Hiking the Appalachian Trail – (Segment 6)

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By the end of the day, Neon had an entirely brand new setup of equipment free of charge.With the ultralight and rain-proof HMG Windrider 2400 HMG trimmed Neon’s pack weight significantly which should make the next 1,700 miles to Maine even more fun. As a way of saying “Thank You” to Mike and the rest of the HMG team, Neon has been keeping us all up to date with periodic posts and pictures from the AT. We hope that you’ll check in regularly to follow Neon along the trail! Here’s Neon’s sixth post from the trail . . . Continue reading